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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s letter to Haleh Sahabi: The white iris that you picked from the prison yard, has shrivelled

Wednesday 15 June 2011, by admin

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Feminist School: Nasrin Sotoudeh a lawyer and activist of women’s movement charged with 11 years imprisonment and 20 years barred from practice and leaving the country.

Nasrin was transferred to evin prison and became the cell mate with Haleh Sahabi in the political wing of the prison for women activists Hale was serving her 2 year sentence.

The following letter from Nasrin Sotoudeh 3 days after the death of Hale Sahabi who was bitten up during her father’s burial.

My dearest Haleh,

Death is not the end for a Dove

For the last 3 days, I cannot come terms with your death; I cannot believe I have lost you and moan for your death which I cannot accept and hoped that the news was a lie. For the last 3 days the Women political prisoners in the evin begin and end the day with your name.

The story of your freedom from the continues suffrage that has been endured by 3 generation of your family in the path for freedom and democracy, brought tears of joy when we accompanied you for the last time, so that you could be the strength that your father needed who has only strived for the good of his country.

Alas the people of Iran did not have the fortune to see the improving health of the father but lost the daughter too.

What we ascertained from the infrequent news from outside was that you defended the right to moan your father’s death, a right which has time and time again been denied to the bereaved. We have witnessed your commitment to the cause and not giving in, even when your father was in the hospital. We know that you are brave woman who took a stance for your lawful right against those who wanted to deny you your rights.

You defended your right impeccably and simple heartedness that they eventually released you, and you though they have acknowledged your rights.

You wanted your rights indisputably and with conviction and this was your strength.

Dearest Haleh,

You knew the situation of the prisoner’s families better than anyone as you, yourself had loved ones in prison, mostly one of your loved one was in prison and at last you found your way in to the prison and this is why your family always had a prisoner, liberated prisoners.

Do you remember how patiently you were serving you sentence? Even though you did not deserve

Do you remember you said prison for you is a vocational experience? Do you remember you surrounded every one with and you were loved by everyone?

Your pure life was so short, but the legend of your liberation is amongst the flowers on your veil which you left behind.

The white iris which you picked upon your return from the court yard has shrivelled, she knew before us.

Nasrin Sotoudeh

women’s political ward/Evin Prison /June 2011

Source in Persian :http://on.fb.me/iVOymB

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