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“Mother of An Najaf†/ Sergio Kochergin

Monday 11 May 2015, by admin

Feministschool: Sergio Kochergin is a Ukrainian-American immigrant, and a combat-veteran. Today, he’s an activist and filmmaker. Sergio recently finished his Master’s Degree in Political Economy of Agriculture and the Environment and Economics of Development at the University of Rotterdam’s, Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands. Currently, he’s working on a documentary film about events in Ukraine.

On this day, aka Mother’s Day, we have to remember that Mother = Love. Love = Humanity! Humanity = Doing everything we can do, no matter what it takes to maintain Love for all beings!

Love that’s not just for the people! Love for the plants, Love for the animals, who also mother their descendants. Love that sees no barriers! Love that pushes people to put down their lives for those who are in distress!

We have become creatures of dependence on things that have no meaning, things that equal destruction, things that cause mother’s love to fade into a struggle to survive, a struggle to maintain humanity. A struggle of understanding that without one universal love, the love for all will fade away. Fade away as the trees, as the clean lakes, as the clean rivers, as the clean air has with our every action. Yes, this universal love can cause a lot of distress in lives, in families, or in friendships with others. But do not be fooled by these socially structured and nurtured ideas. Do not allow the socially constructed ideas of individuality to steal from what has been incepted from the moment the universe allowed us to realize itself through our eyes, through our emotions, through our actions.

Some of these actions might turn away those who are dear to us, but in the end, these actions will also levitate those who might have never experienced such a feeling, such an emotion, such warmth, into the gravity of love. This gravity of love, just like a black hole has no end, it seeps into our hearts like the blood vessels, whether we like it or not. Without such universal love, thousands and millions will not be able to gain what they never had, and those who have temporarily lost it, will not be able to find their way home. A way home that cannot be bought or rented. A way home that can never be burned or flooded. A way home that’s not an abandoned road.

We have lost our way to the few powerful forces that feed on suffering, forces that break up our connection, and a connection that has no scientific understanding, a connection that cannot be explained by any physical, social, natural, formal, or applied science. These are the days when we have to ask ourselves, what does it mean to be a human? What does it take to maintain not just our humanity, but the humanity of other living beings we share this planet with? We have allowed these forces to control our thoughts, our actions, our behavior, and our understanding of our surrounding!

These and every other days, we have to ask what our purpose here is. What is life? What is death? What is love? What is greed? What is hate? What is consumerism? What is materialism? These are the days, when we should stand in front of the mirror and look deep into our own eyes, and ask ourselves all of these questions? If we do not, we should start. If we don’t start, if we are afraid, remember we are not alone! We are not individuals! If we were individuals, we would not need a family or friends to get us through this life and the hardships we face. We would not need nurturing, before we can walk or talk!

The billions have come before us and left will come and leave this world as long as it exists. Do not be afraid of death, do not be afraid of life, do not be afraid to love, do not be afraid to be vulnerable, do not be afraid to stand up and fight against injustice, no matter what the cost is! Do not allow these materialistic ideas, thoughts, and behaviors to project ourselves on to others. Treat others how you want to be treated.

If you say you love your mother, you must love others, because there is no individual LOVE. There is only one love! And that love is for all to be shared!!! If you do not feel this way, I am sorry, but you have been duped about what love is! And as long as we find ourselves as individuals, we will never know what love is!


*Its a mother in An Najaf, Iraq. She saw through the violence we committed to her country and her family when we invaded Iraq. She exposed her Universal love towards us, by inviting some of us into her families home, she fed us, allowed us to bath, and in return they did not want to take money or anything else, and her family lived in a tin shack right next to a prison we were guarding. I don’t know what have become of them, but due to their kindness to us, I am sure the resistance did not appreciate. It was a stronghold of AlSadr.

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