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Nargess Mohammadi’ letter to the prosecutor

Wednesday 8 July 2015, by admin

Feministschool: The following is the letter of Nargess Mohammadi to the prosecutor, Mr. Jafari Dowlatabadi. She has written it in prison. Nargess Mohammadi was arrested in the early morning of May 5, 2015, when state security agents showed up at her home and threatened to break in. Upon her arrest, the agents claimed that she was being taken “to serve her prison sentence†. Mohammadi started to serve a 6-year prison sentence on April 21, 2012, but she was released on bail on July 31, 2012 for medical reasons.

Mr. Jafari Dowlatabadi, the Prosecutor of the Honourable

Greetings and respect, I am Narges Mohammadi on 5/5/2015 was arrested by people in my home that they swear Mr. Khodabakhshi intend to speak with me and even when I collect my medicines insist that there is no need to do this and you come back after talking. But the same day without talking to any judicial authority to the women general ward of Evin prison I’ve got delivered to spend my remaining imprisonment (6 years). This incident was that my children have gone to school in the morning at 7 and come back at1:30 to the House and because my husband wasn’t in I ran and my family members not in Tehran, I concerned about my 8 year old children stay behind door. Ahead of the opening in the security doors, I call with my brother in Mashhad that likely will arrest me and Ali and Kiana are at school and they will arrive home at 1:30 pm hours and I am worried about the kids and I did request him to come Tehran. The officers were arranged in the apartment behind to threat me which if you don’t want to open doors, special forces will come in and will open and pledged that they will give me ample opportunity to contact that it is necessary (for the kids), but upon entering the prison, I delivered directly to women who have no possibility of there was no phone call. At noon hour and a half and I had no news of Ali and Kiana. I went to the Office in several times and I explained that I’m wondering the status of children and I just need a short phone call and just to ensure kids are ok. They told me there is no chance for pone call in women ward because the phone is disconnected of request Prosecutor. I ask them another several times for phone call that finally at 3:30 pm led me to make a phone call to the implementation of the provisions of the prison building and during the brief call I realized that my brother not to arrive Tehran and the neighbour is with my kids. I went to the Office again was near sunset and the other wanted a call. I was sure Ali and Kiana at night without me or one of my family members do not sleep, and cry and impatience. But they answered in women ward do not allow phone Gale. Previous phone you have just one exception. I had no choice and I came back to ward. I didn’t have my medicines and I spent all night with anxiety until morning. I went again and got the same response and demand their previous response. From Tuesday to Sunday, I had no news from my kids. While a phone call could have the presence of my family on the side of the children to be calm and quiet of course, this behavior is nothing but psychological pressure on prisoners to look away from the fairness.

But a month and a half later, during letters from prison officials, officials of the judiciary, I request to have an appointment to see Ali and Kiana because they want to leave Iran on 17th July and the remaining four weeks later. Finally, it was agreed to. Monday was supposed to notify my family and ring up Ali and Kiana for see them at eleven the next morning at prison. I was on my bed ready at eleven and sat down. Not news. I went to the Office. They told me still aren’t. Until 2pm in the afternoon, I visit to the Office in several times and I wanted to give me the news or at least contact with families and see what happened, but again was not news.some ladies came and sat down in the Office tab prison ward.Finally the authorities implementing the provisions and protection to concluded that the call themselves to my family and ask them what happened. After a while to notice that among the responsible tab Ali is ill and not only today, but also tomorrow and even Sunday next week also will not be able to meet them. That’s it. After three hours of waiting and anxiety, I was concerned about the disease with Ali and I went back to ward. We are in this tab don’t have any news of our families, our children, our mothers and fathers. I didn’t know why and when are Ali sick and why up to a week or ten days can no longer come to see me. Why should I consider myself ring up yesterday to my family? for talk to them and ask about Ali’s problem because he needs to mother’s voice these days definitely more than before. I am wondering to know are the prisoner’s managers know about prisoners and their families situation? With the several times of frequent visits of the strap to the Office, was allowed to go into the building and implementation of the provisions of the bird I was able to take a few minutes to talk with my sick child and heard his weak and sick voice from back of the phone. Despite my and other ladies strap having a phone call the other day and my son had to find out, a phone call was not given and there was no choice but this has another week to stay up on the anxiety and concern Sunday someone of my child.

Mr. Prosecutor, these two happen to have triedso I could explain to you the need for womenand mothers held in women’s access to the phone according to the rules and regulations,and an appeal from your presence. We atparagraph 22 that female Evin that 14 of these women mother and 5 people of the number have children under 10 years. It is true thatwe’re doomed to endure imprisonment as being fair or unfair judgments and is notworking now, but each of us a human, wife, and mother. Do we have a dial-up phone call a few minutes two or three times a week just to hearthe voices of children, mothers and fathers,with the implementation of the provisions ofour rules and regulations, and with thecountry’s judicial system is conflict? If no, then why is this decision would apply? Or thathaving contact with children for mothers the issue of national security and the system can be altered? Whether or not this decision forpunishing?
Because if the acts of discrimination of womenin society is free and may be justifiable on the captured woman easier and more.

Mr. Prosecutor, said to be the perfect phone call cut command clause Supreme Prosecutorordered the Evin Gale and I have two eventrelated to myself and the sense of beingmothers and women and paragraph explainingyour Gale gave up to human dignity, the wifeand mother, once again please read about thisrecipe up with telephone calls in accordance with the laws and regulations of the judiciary,consider the double pressure on women in paragraph and Children suffer the highest.

Mr. dolatabadi, love and motherhood, the inherent concerns there with the mother and itis the location and the time variable and the function does not free and not being captured. Any of us woman and mother and our children,such as your children and the millions of children of this country that they need motherhood sympathy. Anyway we are here and in section, but we are mother. At least ourchildren from our voice and our voice of ourchildren do not hesitate.

Nargess Mohammadi-Evin prison-July 2015

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