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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s letter for Nargess Mohammadi’s release

translated by: Jaleh Lackner-Gohari

Thursday 20 August 2015, by admin

FeministSchool: Nargess Mohammadi is once again sent to prison. She is accused of speaking out, when injustice happens to others. Injustice has deprived peace and tranquility from the observant conscience of Narges Mohammadi.

As the official reason for imprisonment of Nargess Mohanmmadiwas declared that she was takling up legal defence of individuals that wer imprisoned because of their particular belief and thinking, we would like to state the following

 we too suffer from the practice of arbitrary arrests

 we too suffer from numerous and uncontrolled cases of capital punishment, in particular execution of individuals because of their believes and orientation

 we too are extremely concerned about the frequent imprisonment of numerous Intellectuals, writers and journalists in our society

 we too are suffering from wittnessing our teachers and workers being arrested, because they express legitimate professional demands

.We are concerned about the arrest of women activists and lawyers who defend their legitimate rights. And the arrest of those individuals who protest against the acid-attacks and violent action on women.

 We suffer that our Baha’I compatriots and members of other religious communities being deprived from the right to study or work, and their occasional long-term imprisonment

.We deeply suffer from witnessing the violence against ethnic compatriots such as kurds, Beluchis, Turkish people and Arab communities. Violence that at times escalates to their execution.

 We firmly contest the injustice in legal procedure that is carried out behind closed doors

 We wish to declare clearly and publicly our utmost concern about the arrest of Narges Mohammadi’s, just because she has been defending legal cases of fellow citizens. We are aware that we have to pay a price for this public statement, and we are prepared to pay this price. The reason is that many of us have suffered from the same pain and grievance, as Narges Mohammadi has.

What surprise to hear the claim that Narges Mohamadi, mother of two small children, whom she is not allowed to see, is working to destabilize the national security and safety.

Who in reality has been acting against national security?

A lady who is trying to promote peace by defending unjustly accused individuals, or, unwise officials that, by the virtue of their limited horizon, have been drumming the tunes of war against the entire world?

After suffering much hardship that was imposed on her and her spuose earlier, Narges Mohammadi had to endurer even more hardship in order not to put any additional pressure on the lives of her children. Precisely then she was deprived of the permission to see them.

No doubt she is going through a very hard time in perison, without hope to see her children, who can not have their mother on their side. Life in prison is even harder this way.

We demand the release of Narges Mohamadi and all political prisoners be released from prison .

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